Empowerment and education

About the project

Gencosmic is both a social action and an individual aid project.

One born in order to help voice vulnerability and plurality, and to create tools that will help raise awareness in our society thanks to real and authentic examples.

This project brings together different people along with their skills, and intends for each member to play their part. It is a transfeminist project that embraces all possible realities, raises awareness and shows the need for us to create an inclusive world.

Emanating from a personal experience of genital mutilation, it aims to educate, support and empower society.


How ?

A single act :

The creation of unique pieces: body moulds, which are personal and non-transferable works of art. Singular art based on realism, manifested through body impressions in which you can solidify your genitals (or other parts of your body, if you wish), making them imperishable in time. To offer you the possibility of seeing yourself from the outside, by creating an empathetic gaze towards yourself.

“Passion, listening skills and the capacity to help each other have always defined us as people, weaving a human fabric of security and trust.”

Social action :

Welcoming other associations and entrepreneurs, in order to complete the social needs of awareness and education. Creating a line of personalized and modular services relevant to each individual situation, to satisfy your needs.

“To be able to position yourself face to face with a part of your body evokes a great reflection that erases the past, the present and the future. Embark on an introspective journey.”

Why ?

To render visible, to normalize difference and to respect.

“To heal the relationship that exists between us and our external genitalia.”


  • To shed light on the existing plurality, to broaden the knowledge of this world shown as binary, helping us to recognize ourselves as singular beings.
  • To normalize, because social and religious influences have led us down a path where talking about the body and sexuality has become a taboo.
  • Respect, through active, respectful and non-judgmental listening. In order to understand that all realities are possible.
We come into the world through an act of love.
Why don’t we talk about it?