The origin

“At the age of 11 I experienced genital mutilation.

One of my close relatives commented on the appearance of my genitals, believing that I had a “malformation”, therefore, I believed I did.
Fifteen years later, I became aware of the operation I had undergone, due to a lack of information, and the repercussions on my daily life.

So I tried to find a solution, I needed to know, to see, to understand… I repeatedly tried to see my genitals, pulling on the pubic mound, spreading my legs to get to see below, etc. At those times, I was ashamed of not having inner lips, which were too small. I felt incomplete. Something had been taken from me that I can never get back.

Since I had the necessary tools and knowledge, I decided to make a cast of my genitals, an exact impression. This is how I discovered the natural aspect of my genitals, and it was surprising!

This is how I discovered the natural aspect of my genitals, and it was surprising! Since, many changes have taken place within myself, I feel like I have embarked on a journey of becoming aware and accepting of my own body. I then experienced the impact of obtaining an exact copy of what I had, of who I am, of all that was taken from me and of all that I was able to release, after observing myself from another perspective.

Seeing the power that this manifested, I realised that I could not keep this knowledge for myself alone. I felt the need to offer beyond, to share, to give the opportunity to whoever wanted it to be a part of that experience. This is why if your socio-economic situation does not allow you to afford this experience, I will be delighted if you contact me to try and find a solution! »


The team

acceptation du corps

Ona Ortiz Jové

The person who gave birth to the project after becoming aware of having suffered genital mutilation in childhood, makes her contribution to the world to change its demands and expectations.
Plurality exists!

Trained in special effects through makeup and prosthetics, and is also a social worker. She creates a remix of her skills to get closer to people through another point of view by giving importance and space to the vulnerability and the differences that define us within the collective; to contribute to the wealth of the group.

Etienne R.

Wishing to evoke all realities and perceptions of the world, he joins the project in order to complement it, from his position.

Active in several social and cultural sectors, he combines different means of exchange in order to develop common and popular knowledge. Under each skin there hides a whole universe, let it express itself.

More heads soon…

acceptation du corps

You, them, us…

It is an honor to share with all of the people who have offered a part of themselves through their casts and their testimonies. Anonymous and present.

Thank you.


acceptation du corps

Ça m’Résille

An association of artistic production and mediation. It offers support for the production of shows and concerts. Artistic mediation is carried out by setting up projects where art becomes a medium.

by and for all,
without discrimination.

acceptation du corps

Association focused on people and working together: events open to the different cultures of the world, in support of the oppressed, training to learn and create together, workshops which aim to question the world around us… and a dose of fairground arts to see the world with passion , humor and rock’n’roll!

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A revealing act of empowerment.