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Ateneu Sansa
Ateneu SPL
SEB : Salón Erótico de Barcelona
Universitat de Girona
La fabrica dels somnis
Catalonia ES – April
Catalonia ES – April
Drôme FR – June
Catalonia ES – June
Catalonia ES – Aug.
Catalonia ES – Sept.
Ardèche FR – Oct.
Catalonia ES – Oct.
Drôme FR – Oct.
Catalonia ES – Nov.
Catalonia ES – Dec.


We will be there


Expo’ “De Ellas”
    8 to 12 march – Barcelona ES
Expo’ “Vida Lliure” – Barcelona city hall
    1 to 12 mars – Barcelone ES 
    2nd prize in the exhibition competition
“Les Josianerie”, a day at la Gare à Coulisse ⇒
    8 april – Drôme FR
Workshop “Coñosete”
    6 may – Barcelona ES
Rebvelate Festival
    14 may – Barcelone ES
Ciclica Fest ⇒
    27 may – Madrid ES
Tierra de luna ⇒
    3 au 6 June – Catalogne ES
Let’s find our power to Act !
Co-foundation of the European Erasmus program
   13 au 24 juin  – Drôme FR

The 2023 agenda is still in the process of being organised.
Would you like us to come to a specific place?
Write to us, we will be happy to schedule something special!

Partners and places of presence

The “La Pinacothèque” museum in Luxembourg has issued recognition to Gencosmic for its artistic quality, awarded following its participation in the international selection of the Luxembourg Art Prize 2022.


Exhibition integrating the project against sexist violence
“Violència Sexual, No va de sexe, Va de poder”.




Is my vulva normal? “In consultation, mothers worry about whether their daughters’ vulva is okay.”

Vulvar surgery operations have multiplied: are they becoming more complex? How does the vulva age? We talk about it in ‘The sexual revolution’

Article (en Catalan)



This artist turns your genitals into sculptures so you can see (and accept) yourself as you are.

I met Ona Ortiz at the Barcelona erotic fair without knowing it. Suddenly I found myself in a corner of the event observing sculptures of vulvae which were his work.

Article (en Castillan : Espagnol)


La escultura de tus genitales en casa; rompiendo tabúes

The Erotic Salon is held in a more feminist and demanding format, where entertainment, education and sex are not lacking.

Article (en Catalan)


This company (we are an association) manufactures sculptures of your genital organs.

Gencosmic is a unique project that has included artistic pieces dealing with awareness of self-knowledge, diversity and self-care.

Article (en Castillan : Espagnol)