Pedagogical interventions


Interventions for groups with educational material, where our field of exploration is through games, and the body is the territory. Fostering critical thinking and collective reflection.

Adapted dynamic according to the characteristics of the group: age, sex, religion…

The group

Childhood: My body and my voice.

Adolescence: what is sexuality?

Adults: Where do we come from and where do we want to go?

(To ensure the comfort of people participating in educational interventions, there is freedom to choose between a mixed group or a non mixed one.)


Social pedagogy, shedding light upon creative dynamics and helping to orient each and individual process. We promote critical thinking and empathy as a basis for human coexistence, for a world that is plural and inclusive.

* We consider that for groups of teenagers, it is necessary to provide them with a space for them to come and ask questions that may affect them and/or for which they do not know where to find answers.